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As part of the 2014 Farm Bill, the Grasslands Reserve Program, Farm and Ranch Land Protection Program, and Wetlands Reserve Program were consolidated into the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program. Learn more about the new Agricultural Conservation Easement Program here.

The Grassland Reserve Program (GRP) is a voluntary conservation program that emphasizes support for working grazing operations, enhancement of plant and animal biodiversity, and protection of grassland under threat of conversion to other uses.

Participants voluntarily limit future development and cropping uses of the land while retaining the right to conduct common grazing practices and operations related to the production of forage and seeding, subject to certain restrictions during nesting seasons of bird species that are in significant decline or are protected under Federal or State law. A grazing management plan is required for participants.

Easement Program Funding Expiration
The enrollment authority for the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP), Grassland Reserve Program (GRP), and the Healthy Forest Reserve Program (HFRP) expired on September 30, 2013. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is not authorized to take applications or enter into any new contracts, agreements, or enrollments at this time. These NRCS easement programs will not be available for new enrollments until either the current legislation is extended or a new Farm Bill is enacted. The Agency will continue to service prior-year enrollments in these programs.

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Grassland Reserve Program (GRP) REPEALED
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