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Preserving your land for future generations is one of the noblest actions a property owner can take. Making that decision shouldn’t have unwanted tax or estate planning consequences. Unfortunately, the current legal system is so complex that the only way to ensure your interests are protected is by hiring a professional tax lawyer with experience in land conservation.

Resources First Foundation understands the dilemma, and in an attempt to ease the burden and stress that comes with planning the logistics of land management and conservation, has created the Private Landowner Network. PLN’s Yellow Pages are dedicated to helping to find reliable, responsible individuals, organizations and resources that will help you through these logistics.

Whether you are trying to learn more about wetland reserve programs in Florida or land trusts in Georgia, you’ll find a wealth of useful links in our national conservation yellow pages. Let our servers do the walking to help you find local, regional or national conservation professionals to assist you with your tax, estate, or conservation objectives. You can simply enter your ZIP code and specify just what type of professional you are looking for or you can build a team of qualified professionals in your town, county, or state.

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State-Specific Resources

The Private Landowner Network is an initiative of the Resources First Foundation, a national nonprofit working to improve access to information for farmers and other property owners. Our portfolio of online resources includes a number of region-specific projects, including:

  • Arkansas Conservation Connection: The Arkansas Conservation Connection connects landowners with wildlife and family farm resources, as well as wetland reserve programs in Arkansas.
  • California Conservation Connection: To learn more about conservation easements and public land trusts in California, the California Conservation Center can connect you to professionals in the northern and central portions of the state.
  • Houston Conservation Center: The Houston Conservation Center is your source for links to wetlands reserve programs in Texas’s largest-growing metropolitan area. Visit the website today to learn more about the steps you can take to protect your land against urban sprawl.
  • Idaho Conservation Connection:The Idaho Conservation Connection address the conservation needs of Idaho’s private landowners. This website is designed to support the agricultural, ranching and forest sectors to help keep families on their land, pass it on to future generations, and keep the land healthy, sustainable, and productive.
  • Louisiana Conservation Connection: Louisiana’s bayous, swamps and other wetlands are an important part of its cultural heritage. Stop by our state Conservation Connection to learn more about wetlands reserve programs in Louisiana.
  • Maine Conservation Connection: Rugged Maine contains some of America’s greatest healthy forest landscapes. If you’re a private landowner in the state, you can help keep it that way through forward-thinking estate planning. Find out more on the Maine Conservation Connection website.
  • Mississippi Conservation Connection: Use the Mississippi Conservation Connection website to find local resources in the state, including information about wildlife and invasive species, links to federal and state funding programs, and more.

The Resources First Foundation also manages the Conservation Tax Center, a comprehensive website containing tools for estate planning and other legal matters related to forest and wetland conservation and management.

About the Resources First Foundation

The Resources First Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mandate involves promoting the protection of wetlands, forests and other wild spaces by empowering landowners to make smart decisions about their properties. The Private Landowner Network is an excellent overview of who we are and what we can do for you. Browse online today and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.