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pdf Using Conservation Easements to Protect Working Forests

Land Preservation: An Essential Ingredient in Smart Growth

Conservation Easements: Donor Beware

Conservation Easements and the 2010 Roth Conversion: A symbiotic relationship

Easements prove valuable in efforts to protect land

Conservation Easements

pdf Farm and Forest Land Preservation With Conservation Easements

pdf Conservation Easements and Economic Incentives

pdf Protecting The Public Interest And Investment In Conservation : A Response To Professor Korngold’s Critique Of Conservation Easements

pdf Farmland Conservation 2.0

pdf Conservation Easements - A Troubled Adolescence

pdf Conservation Force: Conservation easements overview

Legal Defense And Enforcement Of Conservation Easements

pdf Saving Open Space in Suburbia: The Application of the Governmental Policy Test

Hypothetical: How a Conservation Easement Works

pdf Conservation Easements: Perpetuity and Beyond

pdf Finding Farmland

pdf Conservation of Private Lands: Opportunities and Challenges for the States

Private land conservation initiatives are a critical component of any state-level quality of life agenda. Although concerns over sprawl, including the loss of prime agricultural lands and significant green space, continue to be one of the underlying rallying cries in support of state-level smart growth initiatives, the fact remains that with few exceptions, conservation of privately-owned working lands has not received significant attention in smart growth literature or conferences.

pdf Conservation Servitudes: a path to protection

pdf Putting Smart Growth to Work in Rural Communities

13 Components of a Successful Transferable Development Right Program

The Importance of Land Trusts to Forestry

pdf An Overview of Financial Alternatives for Land Conservation Transactions

pdf State of the Land 2006, A brief inventory of public and private land in the United States

pdf NextGen Conservation: Peninsula Open Space Trust engages Millennials in its mission.

pdf In Defense of Conservation Easements: A Response to the End of Perpetuity

pdf Conservation Easements: Why and How?

Could Coalbed Methane Be the Death of Conservation Easements?

Conservation Easements, Supply Agreements, & Green Certification

A Constructive Reformist's Perspective on Voluntary Conservation Easements

Amending Conservation Easements

How to can a land trust official identify and comply with legal restraints to amendment? How can necessary flexibility be built into the easement document? This paper reflects the earnest desire of an ardent conservationist to take full advantage of opportunities for flexibility that can be found within the law, recognizing that the needs of land ownership and the land itself, are by their nature subject to continual change.

pdf Amending Perpetual Conservation Easements: A Case Study Of The Myrtle Grove Controversy

pdf Increasing the Tax Incentives for Conservation Easement Donations - A Responsible Approach

pdf Drafting Conservation Easements

Drafting the conservation easement influences everything about the protected property after the easement’s grant: it guides the landowner’s use of the protected property, it guides Land Trust’s monitoring and stewardship of the property, and it guides Land Trusts enforcement of the conservation easement against the original landowner and all future landowners, forever.

Developing Consensus on Conservation Easements on Managed Forestlands

Conservation Easements on Land Need to be Thought Through

pdf Purchase of Development Rights: Another Option for Conservation Minded Landowners

pdf Land Preservation: An Essential Ingredient in Smart Growth

pdf Can My Heirs Save Money on Estate Taxes? Conservation Easements Have Benefits Years After Your Donation

Reconciling Mineral Rights and Conservation Easements

Conservation Easements – The Latest Tool in the Protection of Lands and Landscapes in the Mississippi Delta

State Tax Credit Summary

pdf Coastal Forest Conservation Initiative Guidelines

pdf Uniform Conservation Easement Act (with 2007 Amendments)

pdf Meeting Regulatory Needs with Voluntary Conservation

pdf ACEP Fact Sheet

Designing a Conservation Easement Amendment Policy

pdf Outcomes in Conservation: Sage Grouse Initiative

pdf Conservation Banking: Incentives for Stewardship

pdf 2014 Brings Changes to Tax Credit Transactions - Good News for All

pdf The State of the Birds 2013 Report on Private Lands United States of America

pdf Financial Assistance for Wildlife Habitat

Tools For Reducing High Property Taxes in Maine.

The Challenge of Maintaining Working Forests in 21st Century America

Excerpts from California's Wildlife Action Plan applicable to Private Landowners

pdf Wildlands and Woodland: A vision for the New England landscape

New England’s distinctive landscape is a testament to the resiliency of the land and the conservation ethic of its people. The remarkable return of the region’s forests following an early history of forest clearing and intensive logging offers an unprecedented opportunity to secure a more sustainable future.

pdf Innovations in Market-Based Watershed Conservation in the United States: Payments for Watershed Services for Agricultural and Forest Landowners

pdf Conservation Programs for Private Lands: Programs and Resources Available in Utah for Implementation of Utah's Wildlife Action Plan

Protecting Nature, Harvesting Timber

pdf Ranching as a Conservation Strategy: Can Old Ranchers Save the New West?

pdf Congressional Testimony by Jim Stone, Rancher and Chairman of Rolling Stone Ranch and the Blackfoot Challenge

pdf Private Lands for Endangered Species Recovery

pdf A Nationwide Survey of Land Trusts That Protect Farm and Ranch Land

Transferring Wealth through Land Conservation

Forever Donation

pdf 2014 Farm Bill Field Guide to Fish and Wildlife Conservation

CALFED and the Bay-Delta Accord: Beginnings of an Integrated Approach to Water Policy and Use

pdf The Economic Importance of New York's Forest-Based Economy 2013

Hunters: A Force for Conservation

Amos' Reading List

pdf Agricultural Conservation and the Next Farm Bill

pdf National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Public Lands Council Rancher Conservation Summit

pdf Caring for Your Forest With a Forest Stewardship Plan

pdf Investing in Forested Landscapes for Source Water Protection in the United States

pdf Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Increasing Landowner Compensation for Ecosystem Services

Green versus gray: Nature's solutions to infrastructure demands

Alternatives to Real Estate Development Deriving Financial Benefits from Conservation and Mitigation Projects in Virginia - a Lender's Collateral Concerns

pdf Commercial Wind Energy Development in Wyoming: a Guide for Landonwers

Tara Wildlife Doing Business as a Sustainable Recreation Destination

pdf Landscape Stewardship Guide for Foresters and Land Managers

pdf Family Forest Owners of the United States, 2006

pdf Conservation and the Agricultural Act of 2014

pdf A Tuning Fork for Conservation by Amos S. Eno, President, Resources First Foundation, November 4, 2012

Local Food a Growing Trend for Land Trusts

pdf Conserving Habitat Through the Federal Farm Bill: A Guide for Land Trusts and Landowners

pdf US Protected Lands Mismatch Biodiversity Priorities

pdf New England Forests: The Path to Sustainability

Massachusetts Court Clarifies Forest Property Tax Exemption

pdf Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Notice of Availability for Draft Recovery Crediting Guidance

pdf Understanding and Reaching Family Forest Owners: Lessons from Social Marketing Research

pdf Multi-Generational Ownership and Planning for Family Owned Properties

pdf Payments for Forest Carbon

pdf Natural Resources Credit Trading Reference

pdf National Woodlands: Summer 2014

pdf Building Sustainable Farms, Ranches and Communities: A Guide to Federal Programs for Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry, Entrepreneurship, Conservation, Food Systems, and Community Development

pdf The State of The Birds United States of America 2009

pdf BLM's Best Management Practices for Sage Grouse

pdf Best Practices for State Wildlife Action Plans: Voluntary Guidance to States for Revision and Implementation

pdf Effects of Climatic Variability and Change on Forest Ecosystems: A Comprehensive Science Synthesis for the U.S. Forest Sector

pdf Estate Planning for Forest Landowners: What Will Become of Your Timberland?

pdf Habitat Management Guideslines for Amphibians and Reptiles of the Midwestern US

pdf National Forest System Land Management Planning Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

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